Thursday, December 31, 2009

Men in Blue vs. Dog in Black

We woke up this morning to the continued barking of a dog outside. The house in front of us had this black lab positioned in the shelter of the front door of their house.

There was a police truck with the back cargo area open and an officer standing about 7' away from the lab with a pole and noose. Obviously, the dog wasn't budging and either was the officer. Soon a police car drove up and another officer got out. It was entertaining watching the officers try to coax the young lab out of his shelter...but the lab would have nothing to do with it. They did get close at one point and the lab got a taste of some type of spray (which he did NOT like). He promptly rubbed his face in the snow trying to get it off his face.

Eventually (2hrs. later), our neighbor and his bag of doggy treats and the two officers gained the dogs trust and the pup jumped into the truck. They were very patient and didn't want to hurt the dog. The dog would run up to them so they could pet him (and feed him) then trot around the house with one officer going one way and the other another way. (I think he thought it was fun). I called neighbors to see if they knew who the dog belonged to, but nothing.

I was impressed with their caring of not hurting the dog, but it was kinda funny at the same time. WELL...on to baking bread! Happy New Year's Eve!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ok...This Year is Done!

We're having a nice dinner two days after Christmas. Kim and Dan and the girls are over to say goodbye to Audra and the kids. Dishes are going in the sink, disposal is turned on...wait...why is there water in front of the dishwasher? Wait...why is water SPILLING out of the cupboard under the sink??? Wait....aren't pipes normally HOOKED TOGETHER!!!!

Let's just say, not the way to end the day. One side of the sink is draining...the other...not so much. And if that wasn't bad enough...once we cleaned the cupboard out and dried it, Chuck and Dan go downstairs. Chuck has his hearing aid on for T.V. and Dan hears this "drip...drip...drip..." over the pool table. He comes upstairs, we run downstairs...yeah...towels all over the pool table. The ceiling has bubbled and run into the round light fixture (which they took off)over the pool table. Luckily there is a plastic green cover over the table. So far, 3 towels. Dishes are piled up...I'm going to bed...Chuck said he'll deal with it in the morning. (Hopefully, the basement won't be washed away)

Yeah...I'm done with this week!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Stuff

Guess I'll get rid of my Christmas Countdown icon! Every year it seems to come quicker.

Dave, Audra and the kids spent Christmas with us. Dave flew in last Sundays and Audra and the kids drove down. His work is really busy right now, so he couldn't take 3 days coming and 3 going to tack on to his week here.

I have been having a lot of fun playing with the kids. My monopoly skills need fine tuning...Cami cleaned me out! Gavin and Grandpa and I went to the Dinosaur Museum and he had a great time. He loved the "cave" and the sandpile.

Cami celebrated her birthday and was baptized that night. She had cousins and aunts and uncles from Utah there, so her day was special. We are so proud of her and her decision. It was a very special day for all of us and we were so glad we could share in it.

Christmas day everyone was over but Rob and Kristy (in California). Some day, I hope the entire family can be in one place at the same time!...hoping that won't be my funeral!! The kids were very busy and loved having "cousin time". Of course, my camera died! Sounded like they all had a VERY nice Christmas in their homes.

We braved the cold and saw the Christmas lights at Temple Square Christmas Eve. What a perfect time to go! It was beautiful....cold, but beautiful! We stopped at the JSB building and got something to eat. Jay and Brie and the girls met us there. It was a great night.

We found out via the U.S. Postal service that #21 is on the way! Rob and Natalie sent us a family picture postcard and I'm counting the snowmen...1,2,3,4,5.....6????? Of course, we made a qiuck phone call. Cute guys!

The house is going to look so bare once Christmas comes down (that's the sad part of the season). Chuck will be glad when the snow goes. It's really been mild this year.

Hope all had a safe and wonderful Christmas. I bought, wrote and addressed Christmas cards....and not one of them got mailed. Hmmmmmmm

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Site to Go Too!

My daughter, Kelli, just told me about a great
Every day they have something new. She has soooo many deals she has found. Well worth it to check out every day. Kelli got a WII dual charger w/2 controllers for $4.99! Have fun

I Knew Peas Were Good For You!!!

Having six children taught me a lot about what they would and would not eat. I remember all of us at the table and the looks some of them had on their faces as vegetables were placed in front of them. Most of the time this was not a problem...but one night, one of our boys REFUSED to eat his peas. Needless to say, he now eats them and, according to his wife, basically eats ALL his veggies.

Well...last night I found another use for peas! Our little fantail goldfish, Gloria, hasn't been herself for quite awhile. We thought she was either "going to the otherside" or was just a very strange fish. She would swim upside down and basically look like she was sleeping standing up on her tail in the corner. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and went on the internet. I sheepishly typed in, "Why does my fish swim upside down?" thinking I was going to get nothing. WRONG! Page after page of upside down fish stories!! She has "swim bladder" disease! They all stated that peas would help. She's had this condition since September! Poor baby...I immediately did what "others" have done with their acrobat fish and realized...I have no peas! We drove to PetSmart and bought brine shrimp, then on to Smith's and bought peas.

Chuck put her in another tank and I about cried as I watched this little sweetie at the bottom of the tank just lying there like a lump. I talked to her and told her she would be fine...just eat your veggies. I carefully took the skin off and broke it up for her. As the peas sank to the bottom and landed on her tail, she just laid there. I thought to myself, "How do you hand feed a fish?". I threw in some brine shrimp for good measure and as it disintegrated into the water, her mouth was going, but not close to where food was. It was almost too much for me to bear. I talked to her, put my fingers up to the tank to pet her from the outside and told her she has to eat. I left and when I came back, the veggies were gone.

This morning Chuck put her back into the big tank with her buddies and she's upright. She's taking it easy in her corner, but she's swimming right-side up. YEA!!! I'm getting too old for this!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kamryn's Baptism

We just got back from our granddaughter's baptism in California. She was so excited to have some of her cousins there, as well as grandparents. Rob was so proud to baptize his first child. We're so proud of our children and that they are worthy to do the ordinances for their children to become members of the Church. She had family from both sides, so that made for a nice gathering.

Before her baptism, we went to Andrew's soccer game, after her baptism, we hit two more soccer games. I LOVE SOCCER! The kids had fun and it brought back memories of my "running around" days with the kids. I was glad we got to see the kids play. Grandpa took the ones that weren't playing to the park to play. They had fun.

We spent a few days with Kristy, Blain and the kids, made blankets, took Kamryn and the kids to see "A Christmas Carol"...little spooky!!! Kris and I went to the mall and it has changed a lot. They've added on and moved things around. I enjoyed going. We had dinner with our friends, Johnny and Linda, at the Cheesecake Factory (OH YEAH!). Kris and Blain were at a family birthday party at his mom and dad's. We stopped in and saw Mike and JoAnn and visited for a couple of hours. Chuck stopped in to a few friends during the day to say hi. One of them was just diagnosed with brain cancer and was coming home that night. It always hurts to hear news like this. We never know when life is going to change things around. Don't every take things for granted. It's wonderful to have such good friends.

We stopped by to see Natalie and the kids, but she was gone. Her sisters were there getting ready for a baby shower, so we chatted awhile and gave grandbabies a hug and left. On our way home, we hear sirens and realized we were being pulled over! Lights, noise AND a bullhorn! My mind was racing trying to figure out what we had done. Rob was in Redding, so I was really confused......or so I thought! After listening to the directions the officer was giving the "driver" and "passenger"...and watching them do EXACTLY what was asked by the officer, we realized it was Rob. Boy, is he good!!! He had me going!! Dad and Ken were outside the car with hands on the roof, legs spread. Rob was cracking up! Didn't even get a pic. He's very professional and loves his job. In a couple of minutes, we were back on the road, laughing. I miss my kids. I thoroughly enjoy visiting all three who are in other states. Dave and family will be coming here for Christmas

Coming home, we hit snow patches...heard grumbling from the driver's seat...then it was fine. We went through snow again near Nephi and have a lot of ice in our driveway, but it was nice coming home. Home is wherever you make it. Memories are always with us...make them good ones!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rob, Natalie and Kids

The kids left for home today and I'm going to miss them. It was fun watching a 14 month old and 3 year old discover all the nooks and crannies of Utah living. Grandpa might have another story to tell, but he enjoyed having them around and watching their energy.

We went trick-or-treating, celebrated Owen, Evelyn, Jack and Grandpa's birthday this last Sunday because "life" took over and none of them had a "family" birthday. Kim was gracious enough to have all of us over after having a Halloween party for 40 the night before! She's my party girl!!

We took the quads out to Little Sahara and had a great time! We put the kids' carseats in and off we went.....well......I almost made it up the hill. It was a smaller hill, but I was going slow because I had the baby and...well...I had to go in reverse in order to go back up. I told Rob he had to do it, because it was HIS child in the RAZ. Have you ever seen a "rooster tail"? My floorboard filled up with sand like a sandbox as I tried to make it over the hill. Rob went the speed you were supposed too and made it. I also found a quad flag in the sand and Nat found a floor mat and Rob found some sun glasses. Guess we have Christmas all wrapped up!

Our time together was short, but I was so glad they surprised me and came up. Love you guys!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Train Ride-400 E 200 N in Lindon

Wednesday night, we had all the kids come over for pizza and then we piled into cars and drove to Lindon. Our friend from the Bishop's Storehouse has a train on his property and every year decorates his place for the holidays and you can ride the train through all of it. (It's a two-mile track around the whole block...which is his and his childrens') was unbelievable. It was freezing cold...because Winter has decided to come early!...but that just made it more holidayish. We bundled up and went through various tents with special effects until it was time to go into the barn to watch "Nightmare Before Christmas". It was warm inside...aaaahhhh...and then we were dismissed to go into another area for the train. We sat down and were entertained with a high-tech talking pumpkin with blinking lights in the dark. What a lightshow! Then we went outside to the train. This was a miniature train (like we used to have in Newcastle)and was a little tricky getting in. There were 21 of us in the family. I straddled the train and then "poured" my feet into the train and prayed I wouldn't fall out. Poor Dan was behind me and was sitting on the back of the car instead of the seat! We started our journey through the dark with "things" jumping out at us throughout the evening and at every corner of the track. There are 75 neighbors that help him put this event on ...and these kids are goooooood! We went through tunnels that were decked out with creatures and eerie music and lights. It was unbelievable. Chuck jumped, I jumped and screamed like a little girl...and it was fantastic. They do an unbelievable job and they do it for fun, no admission fee, for the neighbors to enjoy. The only downside was Paige ended up being the last seat on the train and the "things" came up behind her and scared the jeebies out of her. She cried. The sweet thing was a lot of the kids afterwards took off their masks and showed her they were kids just like her. They were so sweet...she still cried. I felt badly (didn't know she was on the end). Little James stayed in the car with John. He does better in the daytime. There are nice people in this world who are very unselfish. They need to be focused on....not all the negativity we hear in the news.

We have a party tonight, one tomorrow night and get to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters...Happy Halloween everyone and Happy Birthday Blain (born on Halloween)!


Last Wednesday, as my Visiting Teachers were going out the door, I went downstairs only to hear the doorbell ring and I had to run back up the stairs. I opened the door and saw two little trick-or-treaters with their costumes on (covering most of their faces) standing there. I was confused and then thought maybe they weren't going to be around for Halloween so they were starting early. I couldn't place them (only seeing part of their faces), but they looked familiar. Then I looked up at their parents (who were wearing hoodies)and it dawned on me.....Rob and Natalie and the kids!

I guess Chuck and our kids up here knew they were coming up as a surprise. I was thrilled! They started laughing and we hugged and they commented on our "snow". They will be here until Wednesday, then we leave Thursday to go to their place for Kamryn's baptism. CRAZY!!! Little Evelyn is walking all over the place and is such a cutie. Owen just runs around the place taking out every toy he can find. He's having a ball.

Monday, October 19, 2009


We're back! We just had two wonderful weeks in Kauai and Maui, celebrating our 40th anniversary. We went with Bill and Linda who were also celebrating their 40th (we married one week apart).

The islands are soooo green and lush. I couldn't get over how huge the leaves on everything were and the colors of the foliage, water and skies were unbelievable. The islands are definitely paradise!

We started in Oahu, island hopped to Kauai, where we stayed in Bill's timeshare at Poipu. While unpacking, my heart sank when I realized I had brought my hot curlers but no clips! Not only did it take up a lot of room in the suitcase...but was totally unusable!! Can I say bad hair week!!! Oh well, that wasn't going to stop me!

We got up early in the morning to see the turtles romp in the cove and watch the sunrise. My neighbor, who I visit teach, was on the same island at the same time, but I had left her number at home. Did you know they have black crabs on black rocks? I didn't until the "rocks" started moving after a wave hit them! Chuck told me they were tarantulas and I believed him...that was our 2nd day. We went to Fern Grotto and saw this little gray cat that's 17 years old and has lived there her whole life. She's the only cat there now since the hurricane. You can't get close to the ferns because of the hurricane damage. Luckily, we went 10 years ago and got to go up to them. We also went on a catamaran to tour the cliffs at Na'Pali. That was a 6-hr. tour. Chuck, Bill and Linda went snorkling...I took pics. We saw dolphins. One night, they had a "Dive-In" movie at the pool. We watched on our lounge chairs, Bill watched while in the water and Chuck went upstairs. We had to eat at Duke's and have Hula Pie...tradition. We went to Hilo Hattie's (of course), went to ABC stores (of course), went to Bubba's for Chuck's birthday, saw Waimea Canyon (breathtaking), went to the Lighthouse, Anini Beach and had lunch in the gentle rain, went to a beach where we could stand and have unbelievable fish swim right around us like we weren't We were all standing watching schools of brightly colored fish all around us. It was a fantastic experience! We saw everything you could possible see and do while there and played in the pool at night...true paradise.

We then island hopped to Maui to our timeshare. We were 1/2 block from a fantastic beach and could walk to shops and restaurants (yahoo!). We did the "Road to Hana", saw an unbelievable Warren and Annabelle's Magic show, musical of the islands "'Ulalena", shopped, ate at Ruth Chris' Steakhouse, shopped, went on the Pineapple Plantation tour on a tram, ate at Moose McGuillacuddy's, shopped, went snorkling at a out of the way spot with tons of fish, sightseeing, beach. We went through an undergroud lava tube on a self-guided tour...pretty cool. The luau was saved for our last night...not impressed with the food. I would have to say, we could easily spend more time on Maui and still not see everything. The only downside we had, was the island hopper we were on from Kauai lost Bill's suitcase. They finally found it and he got it the next morning.

We ran into 4 missionaries while there at different locations. One of the elder's was from Utah and one of the sister's was from Ogden. They were happy to see us. The ward building in Hana is newer and nestled in a lush tropical setting.

As lovely as our trip was...I'm glad to be home. We left Maui at 1:00 p.m., got to Oahu at 3:20 p.m., flew out at 8:30 p.m., landed in L.A. at 5 a.m., left L.A. at 7:30a.m. and landed in SLC at 10:23 a.m. I will never island hop again...too expensive.

Milk was $4.75 a gallon, gas ran about $3.63 a gallon, restaurants were a couple dollars above "our normal", Costco was about the same and Safeway was a little higher than normal.

We kept up with what was going on at home and appreciate our kids jumping in to help. Mahalo to all of you!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Branson Trip

We just got back from our trip to Branson, MO. and Independence, MO. 14 hours of driving in one day is exhausting! Our trip was wonderful though. We went with friends, Ken and Carolyn. We started in Denver (where I left my nightgown in the bathroom and Chuck his jacket in the closet) and then headed for Independence. We went to all the historical church sites and saw beautiful, lush trees and greenery everywhere. Then we headed for Branson for a week and stayed in our timeshare (gorgeous) and saw a multitude of shows. It was really refreshing to listen to every show and have every entertainer state their love for the veterans, country and God. What a family-oriented place. We never had to worry about what we might hear. There were a lot of "older" people there, but boy were they having fun! (Of course, we didn't fit into that category!). On one day, I won the prize at the first show, the prize at the second show and for the third show that day...I was picked out of the audience to come on stage and dance! (I should have been in Vegas!!!). Sorry if I embarassed anyone who might have been watching! I know I was dying!! Seems like all we did was eat at different places. I HAD MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH BILL MEDLEY and PAUL REVERE and THE RAIDERS!!! Life is complete now. I will never go back to Lake of the Ozarks though...WAY TOO MANY BIG SPIDERS!!! Freaky! One wolf spider had thousands of babies on her back...yuk! We saw fantastic shows - definitely worth it. We'll be going back. A sign I saw in an Amish store is my new thought for life...