Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bravo My Child...Bravo!

We just got back from a fantastic regional youth tribute at the Conference Center in SLC. Kim and Dan were in charge of their Stake youth and they did a fantastic job! It was a 2-hr. tribute of song and dance depicting different eras in history and the importance of family and temples. These kids were phenomenal. President Monson was there and when he walked in and everyone stood up, it gave you goosebumps. All of a sudden, ever so quietly, you heard the song, "We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet" and everyone joined in. We had over 7,000 young people, plus their families singing so reverently and so quietly. It literally brought tears. It was fun watching each Stake do their dances. At the end, they had a Japanese theme complete with drums (which were right in front of us) and a dragon (again...right in front of us). Wow...unbelievable. The girls (Tori and Hayley) did their Polynesian dance. What an experience for them. Brings back memories of roadshows, music and dance festivals back in the 60's. Great job Kim...well deserved! (Too bad I couldn't take pics for you...the girls get a DVD though).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Glitter Toes"

I am either out of my ever-lovin mind OR at a stage in life where I don't care! Just got back from a "Glitter Toes" party and we had soooo much fun. I probably changed my mind a thousand times. I got it down to Sea Foam Green, Soft Pink, Lava or Tinkerbell. Sea Foam Green won out...although when it went on my toes...I thought "What did I just do!". You know live once, so why not. Plus, it's only 6 weeks of being green...Kermit does it all the time! (Of course, I don't have anything green). We all marveled at each other's choices (I think mine was the boldest). Who says grandmas can't have fun anymore?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congrats to California's newest Highway Patrolman!

He did it! Rob finally achieved his dream. For years he has wanted this and he has worked hard. He went through six long months at the academy being tasered, gassed, pepper sprayed, yelled at, up at 4 a.m. for physical training, testing, high speed chase senarios, 7 mile runs to the State Capitol, etc. and came out unscathed!!! took a little 2 year old boy to bring him to his knees (I believe the word "head-butt" to the left eye brings a picture in your mind).

All brothers and sisters were there for his graduation and we were sooooo proud of our son. Dave flew out from Texas and the rest came from Utah and California. When he had his badge pinning ceremony, his emotions finally caught up with him. He finally realized that all his hard work and patience had paid off.

IF...I can ever download my will definitely see pics of Officer Boyack. He's settled into his new place and starts in a couple of days. He has lots of friends already in his new location. They are thrilled he's there. They have a great place.

Be safe son! We love you!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Allie's Baptism

Saturday, we celebrated as a family by going to Allison's baptism. I have pictures, but of course.....CAN'T DOWNLOAD THEM! I can pull them up...but they won't show up here...still working on it. WAIT...KELLI JUST FIGURED OUT WHERE THEY ARE HIDING!!

It had rained most of the day, but a couple hours before the baptism, it stopped. She was baptized along with another child. She looked so sweet in her dress and did such a great job. We are so proud of her and her decision to be baptized. She's been talking about this for a long time. I remember when I was baptized at 14 and have been glad about my decision ever since.

Afterwards, as a family, we went to Golden Corral (along with half of Utah). It was a little crazy, but everyone got what they wanted (and that always makes the little ones happy). It was a great day.