Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congrats to California's newest Highway Patrolman!

He did it! Rob finally achieved his dream. For years he has wanted this and he has worked hard. He went through six long months at the academy being tasered, gassed, pepper sprayed, yelled at, up at 4 a.m. for physical training, testing, high speed chase senarios, 7 mile runs to the State Capitol, etc. and came out unscathed!!! took a little 2 year old boy to bring him to his knees (I believe the word "head-butt" to the left eye brings a picture in your mind).

All brothers and sisters were there for his graduation and we were sooooo proud of our son. Dave flew out from Texas and the rest came from Utah and California. When he had his badge pinning ceremony, his emotions finally caught up with him. He finally realized that all his hard work and patience had paid off.

IF...I can ever download my will definitely see pics of Officer Boyack. He's settled into his new place and starts in a couple of days. He has lots of friends already in his new location. They are thrilled he's there. They have a great place.

Be safe son! We love you!!


  1. That is so great. Congratulations Rob! Oh cute Blog by the way! Love it!

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures, good things don't come easy...wish we could have been there..can you email me their address, etc..thanks

  3. Yes we are definately interested. When and where? We will be gone June 12th through the 14th, but other than that we should be around. Let me know and we can plan on it. :)

  4. Love your new blog! That was really fun to go to Rob's graduation. We wouldn't have missed it for anything!

  5. Good luck to Rob. I know you and Chuck are so proud of him.We will keep you posted on our mission it will be a few weeks until we get the letter from President Monsen with our starting date. We will let you know.Thanks for your comment.