Sunday, June 28, 2009

Called to Serve

Today we went to our friends' mission farewell in West Jordan. Richard and Deanna Kemple gave their long-awaited farewell talks as they prepare for their 1-year mission to Salt Lake South. Deanna was saying how nervous she was about speaking and how in the world was she going to do a proselyting mission, but after hearing her speak and listening to the love she had for what she believed in...she'll do just fine. They are wonderful people and we are thrilled to call them friends. Good luck you guys! This is your next adventure!!


  1. the girls loved having you come to church with them. Hope you had a great anniversary weekend!

  2. We went to a movie, dinner, came home and picked keeps saying he'll get a card...I told him never mind. These things are just important to girls...AAAGH...I just rubbed my eye after cutting onions!!! AAAGH

  3. He just came back from the store with 2 CARDS...and a food processor...what a romantic!