Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cited and Rejected...All in the Same Morning!

Where do I start!??? The day started off normally. We gathered up papers to recycle, threw some clothes in to be washed, and decided to head to Orem because of a paper I found in the desk. Actually, the "paper" was a little thing called...Utah Motor Vehicle Registratiton Paperwork. It had been placed in a drawer and forgotten. It's only 9 months late!!! I ran out to check my license plate and sure enough, an old sticker from '08. We got as far as Lowe's and Chuck starts to pull over. In the rear view mirror are those pretty red and blue lights that flash off and know...the ones attached to a police car! Really...9 months and now I get pulled over. Anyway, we showed him all the paperwork and I had the address on my GPS, so he realized that that is where we were going. BUT, he took Chuck's license, made sure everything was on the up and up and then informed us he had every legal right to impound the car.............but he wouldn't if we were on our way to Orem. However, we did get a citation and a court date...yeah...a court date.

We continued to an emissions place where we were REJECTED! Seems we have a nail in the tire and a "rock" artwork on the passenger side with a 6" straight line. Thus...REJECTED. We get in the car, go to Les Schwab and fix the tire. We go to have the window fixed, it's cheaper than our deductible, but they can't fix it until Friday. We are now hiding out in the garage until Friday. Still have to call the police department for our court date. Our son, Rob, got a kick out of it. I knew I shouldn't have said anything out loud (that's why we were pulled over).

Glad we keep the car in good shape...too bad, we can't control the nails in the road or the rocks that hit our windshield!!! It's 3:32 p.m., I'm going to take a nap.

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