Monday, June 8, 2009

Lil Sahara Weekend

I finally got to go to "Lil Sahara"! I have heard of it from "the guys", but never got to go. We went with Jay/Brie and the girls and Brian/Kellie. It was horribly windy Friday afternoon and night so we stayed in the RV. Saturday was beautiful. A lot of it was like Sand Mtn. in Fallon, NV., but there was so much more to see and places to go. Grandpa took advantage of nap time, so I let him nap with Kelsie as well. The campsites were huge (flushing toilets) and it was very quiet. We stayed at the Oasis Campground. Definitely will be going back. Little Khloe decided she was a quad hound and refused to get out of the grandpa let her stay there and she fell asleep. Kellie went up the mountain on Jay's quad for the first time and loved it. The kids had fun going up and down the mountain. Jay made my hair go grey even more by going backwards up the mountain w/o his helmet (so he could see). I told him dad has it on tape, so he never has to do that again. He also showed us how to quad on two wheels. (Can I still send him to his room????). A guy was just life-flighted out that morning. Jay is good at tricks, but he makes me nervous and I want to keep him around for a loooong time. We all decided we needed more days out there, but at least it's close by.


  1. Looks like you had a blast! can't wait to go!

  2. The trip looks like it was so much fun. I really like the picture of Chuck sleeping