Monday, June 15, 2009

Raining grandchildren!

Seems like the moms all left at the same time! Kim had planned a "surprise" trip w/Dan and friends months ago and asked if I would watch the girls. Brie found out there was a family wedding (no children allowed) and needed help with the girls the same week. I watched the little one (3 mo.)and the 2 yr. old Wednesday through Friday, then Jay stayed over and we helped each other until Sunday. Friday, we stayed at Kim's and got the girls to their dance tryouts. All 6 girls had a great time playing w/each other and they loved having the baby around.

What a great group of girls. My sleep pattern was a little off with nightly feedings and I think the 2 yr. old was trying to kill me off the first night when her and her baby sister took turns waking up, but it all worked out in the end. What sweet little ones. We are really lucky to have such great grandchildren.

Dance tryouts were Saturday and I got a call to pick up the 7 yr. old who had just thrown up all over the studio...hmmm...maybe that's why the studio smelled like Lysol when I came to pick her up.??? Important thing is...all 6 are accounted for and healthy and I didn't lose anyone!! We even got grandpa to burp the baby! Success! This was during our crazy rainstorms of thunder and lightning every day.


  1. Sorry you didn't have time for a visit.Maybe next time??

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