Monday, July 20, 2009

Where'd the "6" come from????

I have officially hit the "6" birthday! It sounds sooooo old, but I don't feel it...well, maybe when I first get up out of bed.....or when I've been weeding for 2 hours...okay, so I do feel it sometimes.

My brother and sister-in-law from California showed up last night. He's never come up to my place, so we decided that would come to a halt and we will visit more often. They have a new granddaughter coming in about a week and a half, so Maria's a little nervous. I told her the airport is about 1/2 hour away. The girls are taking me out to lunch and we have a family dinner tonight. I have a Happy Birthday sign on my front lawn that was placed there this morning by the Birthday Fairy. I'll let you know how my "6" birthday goes....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALL YOU "6" PEOPLE!

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