Tuesday, August 11, 2009

California Grandkids on Va-Cay in Utah!

Kristy and her family came up for a couple of weeks. The older two kids went to Lake Powell and I took the younger two for the week. We played games, made bread, played with cousins, played in the NEW sand that grandpa bought, went to the Children's farm at Thanksgiving Point twice, went to Noah's Ark wading area, went to the Dinosaur Museum twice, went to the zoo, went to a new park/lake at Daybreak, went to the Highland Fling (where we got hosed down by the firetruck while in the SAFETY ZONE!)- Nate wasn't too happy, Jess loved it, saw fireworks a couple of times, celebrated Mary's 3rd birthday early, went to the Oquirrah Temple Open House and rode the train (twice)...of course, I left the camera in the car!

They had fun and it was fun having them around. I always enjoy my little ones (eventhough they're starting to get big). Some day it would be fun to have all 20 of them in the same place at the same time!

They were ready to go home to their friends in the last couple of days but we still had fun.


  1. Grand children are a lot of fun we had three little ones today so Whitney could go jump out of a airplane for her 18th birthday.

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