Sunday, September 13, 2009

Maiden Voyage...OR how to tramatize your grandchildren!

We took the boat out to Deer Creek Saturday to make sure it wouldn't sink!!! The kids got there around 1:30 and we loaded up and took off. Five minutes into the trip, we had one with her eyes shut and one crying. We weren't even going fast. Grandpa slowed waaaaay down and things went smoothly. We pulled into the beach area so they could swim and they had a great time. It was funny watching them try to climb down into the water as if it were 20 feet deep, only to find out it came up to Emily's waist. We had lunch and then took off to the boat ramp to go home. I knew this would come but I had hoped it would be further down the line....I had to back up the truck/trailer to get the boat out of the water. I went down, turned everything around and started backing up....again and again and again. SEVEN trucks went down and pulled up their boats and I'm still repositioning to back up. I even had a stranger come to help me (he actually got me into the water!). I was doing fine I thought, but the trailer had a mind of its own. Oh well....


  1. that was such a fun day! The girls can't wait to go back out!

  2. It sounds like a fun boating trip we hope to be able to go next year!!You are one brave gal to get the boat out of the water.