Friday, October 30, 2009


Last Wednesday, as my Visiting Teachers were going out the door, I went downstairs only to hear the doorbell ring and I had to run back up the stairs. I opened the door and saw two little trick-or-treaters with their costumes on (covering most of their faces) standing there. I was confused and then thought maybe they weren't going to be around for Halloween so they were starting early. I couldn't place them (only seeing part of their faces), but they looked familiar. Then I looked up at their parents (who were wearing hoodies)and it dawned on me.....Rob and Natalie and the kids!

I guess Chuck and our kids up here knew they were coming up as a surprise. I was thrilled! They started laughing and we hugged and they commented on our "snow". They will be here until Wednesday, then we leave Thursday to go to their place for Kamryn's baptism. CRAZY!!! Little Evelyn is walking all over the place and is such a cutie. Owen just runs around the place taking out every toy he can find. He's having a ball.

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