Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Knew Peas Were Good For You!!!

Having six children taught me a lot about what they would and would not eat. I remember all of us at the table and the looks some of them had on their faces as vegetables were placed in front of them. Most of the time this was not a problem...but one night, one of our boys REFUSED to eat his peas. Needless to say, he now eats them and, according to his wife, basically eats ALL his veggies.

Well...last night I found another use for peas! Our little fantail goldfish, Gloria, hasn't been herself for quite awhile. We thought she was either "going to the otherside" or was just a very strange fish. She would swim upside down and basically look like she was sleeping standing up on her tail in the corner. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and went on the internet. I sheepishly typed in, "Why does my fish swim upside down?" thinking I was going to get nothing. WRONG! Page after page of upside down fish stories!! She has "swim bladder" disease! They all stated that peas would help. She's had this condition since September! Poor baby...I immediately did what "others" have done with their acrobat fish and realized...I have no peas! We drove to PetSmart and bought brine shrimp, then on to Smith's and bought peas.

Chuck put her in another tank and I about cried as I watched this little sweetie at the bottom of the tank just lying there like a lump. I talked to her and told her she would be fine...just eat your veggies. I carefully took the skin off and broke it up for her. As the peas sank to the bottom and landed on her tail, she just laid there. I thought to myself, "How do you hand feed a fish?". I threw in some brine shrimp for good measure and as it disintegrated into the water, her mouth was going, but not close to where food was. It was almost too much for me to bear. I talked to her, put my fingers up to the tank to pet her from the outside and told her she has to eat. I left and when I came back, the veggies were gone.

This morning Chuck put her back into the big tank with her buddies and she's upright. She's taking it easy in her corner, but she's swimming right-side up. YEA!!! I'm getting too old for this!


  1. She's cute and all, but I would seriously draw the line at mouth to mouth. And whatever you do, don't let Dan offer mouth to mouth, he likes sushi too much and it would be more like mouth to belly.

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