Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kamryn's Baptism

We just got back from our granddaughter's baptism in California. She was so excited to have some of her cousins there, as well as grandparents. Rob was so proud to baptize his first child. We're so proud of our children and that they are worthy to do the ordinances for their children to become members of the Church. She had family from both sides, so that made for a nice gathering.

Before her baptism, we went to Andrew's soccer game, after her baptism, we hit two more soccer games. I LOVE SOCCER! The kids had fun and it brought back memories of my "running around" days with the kids. I was glad we got to see the kids play. Grandpa took the ones that weren't playing to the park to play. They had fun.

We spent a few days with Kristy, Blain and the kids, made blankets, took Kamryn and the kids to see "A Christmas Carol"...little spooky!!! Kris and I went to the mall and it has changed a lot. They've added on and moved things around. I enjoyed going. We had dinner with our friends, Johnny and Linda, at the Cheesecake Factory (OH YEAH!). Kris and Blain were at a family birthday party at his mom and dad's. We stopped in and saw Mike and JoAnn and visited for a couple of hours. Chuck stopped in to a few friends during the day to say hi. One of them was just diagnosed with brain cancer and was coming home that night. It always hurts to hear news like this. We never know when life is going to change things around. Don't every take things for granted. It's wonderful to have such good friends.

We stopped by to see Natalie and the kids, but she was gone. Her sisters were there getting ready for a baby shower, so we chatted awhile and gave grandbabies a hug and left. On our way home, we hear sirens and realized we were being pulled over! Lights, noise AND a bullhorn! My mind was racing trying to figure out what we had done. Rob was in Redding, so I was really confused......or so I thought! After listening to the directions the officer was giving the "driver" and "passenger"...and watching them do EXACTLY what was asked by the officer, we realized it was Rob. Boy, is he good!!! He had me going!! Dad and Ken were outside the car with hands on the roof, legs spread. Rob was cracking up! Didn't even get a pic. He's very professional and loves his job. In a couple of minutes, we were back on the road, laughing. I miss my kids. I thoroughly enjoy visiting all three who are in other states. Dave and family will be coming here for Christmas

Coming home, we hit snow patches...heard grumbling from the driver's seat...then it was fine. We went through snow again near Nephi and have a lot of ice in our driveway, but it was nice coming home. Home is wherever you make it. Memories are always with us...make them good ones!


  1. glad you are home! Those are darling pictures of Kamryn. She looks so old!

  2. We LOVED having you here! Kamryn's Baptism wouldn't have been the same without you. I heard about the pull-over, very funny! ;) Glad you made it back safely! We Love you!! xoxox

  3. It was nice that you could go see three of your kids we sure love being grand parents don't we!!I hope we can get together soon. We miss our friends.