Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Stuff

Guess I'll get rid of my Christmas Countdown icon! Every year it seems to come quicker.

Dave, Audra and the kids spent Christmas with us. Dave flew in last Sundays and Audra and the kids drove down. His work is really busy right now, so he couldn't take 3 days coming and 3 going to tack on to his week here.

I have been having a lot of fun playing with the kids. My monopoly skills need fine tuning...Cami cleaned me out! Gavin and Grandpa and I went to the Dinosaur Museum and he had a great time. He loved the "cave" and the sandpile.

Cami celebrated her birthday and was baptized that night. She had cousins and aunts and uncles from Utah there, so her day was special. We are so proud of her and her decision. It was a very special day for all of us and we were so glad we could share in it.

Christmas day everyone was over but Rob and Kristy (in California). Some day, I hope the entire family can be in one place at the same time!...hoping that won't be my funeral!! The kids were very busy and loved having "cousin time". Of course, my camera died! Sounded like they all had a VERY nice Christmas in their homes.

We braved the cold and saw the Christmas lights at Temple Square Christmas Eve. What a perfect time to go! It was beautiful....cold, but beautiful! We stopped at the JSB building and got something to eat. Jay and Brie and the girls met us there. It was a great night.

We found out via the U.S. Postal service that #21 is on the way! Rob and Natalie sent us a family picture postcard and I'm counting the snowmen...1,2,3,4,5.....6????? Of course, we made a qiuck phone call. Cute guys!

The house is going to look so bare once Christmas comes down (that's the sad part of the season). Chuck will be glad when the snow goes. It's really been mild this year.

Hope all had a safe and wonderful Christmas. I bought, wrote and addressed Christmas cards....and not one of them got mailed. Hmmmmmmm


  1. CHristmas was fun! Thanks for the great gifts, we can't wait to use them!!!!

  2. Sounds like ya'll had a great Christmas..I for one am glad to get the decorations down..Scott stayed a couple days longer, Lainie flew back home Saturday night as she had to work on Sunday, he helped Carl take down all the decor and lights out front and moved some things around in the garage so my car can go back in, and today he can help us take down the tree..its heavy and neither of us can manage it by ourselves with Carl's one arm..ugh..once everything is cleaned up inside, I can start working on all these boxes out on the patio..making me nuts.
    I saw that postcard too and wasn't sure what it meant. Happy for them...
    Cathi called Carl and said something about Irma her age that can't be good...
    we would love to come up for Emily's baptism but it's not going to work out.

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