Thursday, December 31, 2009

Men in Blue vs. Dog in Black

We woke up this morning to the continued barking of a dog outside. The house in front of us had this black lab positioned in the shelter of the front door of their house.

There was a police truck with the back cargo area open and an officer standing about 7' away from the lab with a pole and noose. Obviously, the dog wasn't budging and either was the officer. Soon a police car drove up and another officer got out. It was entertaining watching the officers try to coax the young lab out of his shelter...but the lab would have nothing to do with it. They did get close at one point and the lab got a taste of some type of spray (which he did NOT like). He promptly rubbed his face in the snow trying to get it off his face.

Eventually (2hrs. later), our neighbor and his bag of doggy treats and the two officers gained the dogs trust and the pup jumped into the truck. They were very patient and didn't want to hurt the dog. The dog would run up to them so they could pet him (and feed him) then trot around the house with one officer going one way and the other another way. (I think he thought it was fun). I called neighbors to see if they knew who the dog belonged to, but nothing.

I was impressed with their caring of not hurting the dog, but it was kinda funny at the same time. WELL...on to baking bread! Happy New Year's Eve!!!

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