Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ok...This Year is Done!

We're having a nice dinner two days after Christmas. Kim and Dan and the girls are over to say goodbye to Audra and the kids. Dishes are going in the sink, disposal is turned on...wait...why is there water in front of the dishwasher? Wait...why is water SPILLING out of the cupboard under the sink??? Wait....aren't pipes normally HOOKED TOGETHER!!!!

Let's just say, not the way to end the day. One side of the sink is draining...the other...not so much. And if that wasn't bad enough...once we cleaned the cupboard out and dried it, Chuck and Dan go downstairs. Chuck has his hearing aid on for T.V. and Dan hears this "drip...drip...drip..." over the pool table. He comes upstairs, we run downstairs...yeah...towels all over the pool table. The ceiling has bubbled and run into the round light fixture (which they took off)over the pool table. Luckily there is a plastic green cover over the table. So far, 3 towels. Dishes are piled up...I'm going to bed...Chuck said he'll deal with it in the morning. (Hopefully, the basement won't be washed away)

Yeah...I'm done with this week!


  1. if you wanted to get out of playing games after dinner all you had to do was say didn't need to ruin the structure of your house with leaking water!!! ALthough that was great entertainment too!

  2. Oh what a mess. There is nothing worse than a flooded house. I hope everything turns out ok and the damage isn't too bad!

  3. I hate home floods they are such a mess and never happen at a good time. I hope that things are all fixed now.