Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh My Gosh...It's December!

Wow...Sad when you're sooooo busy that you forget you have a blog! I literally couldn't remember the name of my blog.....that's how long it's been.

We're in a reprieve w/our granddaughter who has been so sick. She's actually off her predisone and her other medicine has been cut in half and she is feeling so much better. She still has a lot of pills she will be taking from now on and still has dr. visits which will be ongoing, but she (right now) seems so much better.

You don't realize how lucky you are until you have something happen that can change everything you know and love. It was so hard watching her go through what she had too and not be able to help her. Her team of specialists have been so good to her and even featured her at a World Medical Convention in Canada to try and find answers for her. She has continued appointments and for the time being, is back in school and enjoying normal life again.

She made a special gift for her favorite cousin, Andrew, that she will give him at Christmas. She is so excited.

Life is short. Love your family members and never take anything for granted. You don't realize how quickly things can change and the heartache that accompanies it.

We have some of the kids coming for Christmas w/grandchildren. I'm so looking forward to it. Two of them won't be able to make it. I was hoping for a family picture with all my kids and little ones. Hopefully, it will happen while we're still around!

We have a new baby coming this February...YEA!! There is nothing more important than your family. This season brings memories of my children when they were little and is a time to create memories for their little ones. It's a special time of year that shouldn't be taken away because of bad circumstances.

Grandpa has placed the lights on the house, put up the garland and reindeer outside, is working on the bedroom downstairs (sheetrock is heavy!), and swimming every morning. However, he's getting tired and sore. Reflect on the past, learn from it, remember the good memories and look forward to the excitement of new things. (Wish my camera worked, I've got some cute pics).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pink is the color...

Dave and Audra found out this morning that PINK is the color that will be in abundance in February! They will be having their third little girl and little brother will be loving life when he gets older...sisters will be bringing over their girlfriends!

We're all excited to see this new little one. Welcome to the family little sweetheart!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Newest Diagnosis...

Kim got a call from pediatrician tonight. Newest blood work came back with jaundice, Epstein Bar, and Mono on top of the HSP Syndrome. AND there are still results not back yet. Jaundice explains color...Mono and Epstein explain tiredness...blood counts are all over the place. I hope they're not just guessing. This little girl needs to get better.

More Blood Tests...Must Be a Halloween Thing!

Well, Hayley tried school this week. First day, she went to two classes and was exhausted, but loved seeing everybody and feeling normal. She tried the next day and then yesterday went ALL day (she did call home saying she hurt but wanted to try). She came over after her classes Tuesday and left w/Grandpa's teriyaki chicken on a stick and a pumpkin from the garden. We call her "Chipmunk" because of her predisone.

This morning she did her bi-weekly visit to the doctor to find out Monday's results. They don't like her color (kinda gray...I saw's definitely not normal) and her oxygen is lower than they would like. Her other levels are higher than they would like. The doctor said it looks like she might have Mono on top of everything else!

The doctor said she didn't want to draw more blood, but they are running CBC and more tests and checking her liver again. She doesn't know what else to do about her stomach pain and is frustrated. She also said no more ALL day school. She is extending her "you are out of school" until the end of October. Then she can try again. What a year she is going to the doctors told her...she is an over-achiever!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Surgery over!

Hayley did well with her lung biopsy. She was very nervous going in. The nurses and doctors were so nice to her (very impressed w/Primary Children's). They even let "Jackson" go with her....probably until she fell asleep only. She's on oxygen, but got to eat and played Bingo via t.v. in the Children's Room before surgery.

They told Kim, Hayley's in the "less than 1 percent" of the population to have had Kawasaki and HSP Syndrome. They are noticing they can almost track perfectly what her pain level is because of her oxygen level. They can tell she's in pain because her oxygen level goes down and when she's given pain meds, her level goes up a little. They will have her results in a couple of days. Hopefully, she can come home tomorrow. They need her off oxygen aid first. The predisone has puffed her face up and her color is off, but she still has a good attitude.

She even did her Spanish homework before being wheeled out...that's dedication!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Newest Hayley Update...

12:30 a.m. Kim called and they aren't doing Hayley's procedure today. Her oxygen is now in low 90's (which is better than yesterday) and she gets to eat. Hadn't had anything since yesterday. Chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy and a roll...maybe a smoothie. She's excited. Tomorrow at 11:30 a.m., they will put her out and put saline in her air sacs in the lungs to do a biopsy. Should be about 20 min. She said that as long as she's out...she's good.

She's looking forward to seeing the new episode of "GLEE" tonight. (She was supposed to have a Daddy/Daughter dance tonight at church and grandpa was taking Tori.) She told me she probably would have done more watching than dancing :)

Baby steps...doctors told her she is making history at the hospital.....hmmmmmm.

Hayley Update

Kim called yesterday. Hayley was supposed to start swimming to move her muscles so they don't atrophy. Instead, she went to the doctor. Kim called from the freeway stating they were on their way to Primary Children's...the ER was waiting for them. They did a CT scan and within 10 minutes, admitted her (for the third time this month). Her color wasn't good when we saw her on Sunday. The doctors said her oxygen levels were very low and she was coughing up some blood.

At 10:30 p.m., Kim called and they will be doing a bronchoscopy this morning. Poor thing can't eat anything until it's over. She said Hayley slept well last night, but Kim didn't. Her immunologist is right on top of things and they have done every test known to mankind! One of the doctors said that Hayley is an enigma....(we just call her Hayley!). She's had more blood work done, now we just wait...again. Seems like this disease is going in different directions than it's supposed too. Where's House when you need him!!!...he gets things fixed in one hour!!!

We're asking for your thoughts and prayers for this one.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

By the fruits of thy labor...

Ta da!!!!! We threw a garden together really fast just to see if the dirt would work. Yea......I picked spaghetti squash, Blue Lake beans and sweet white corn this morning, and that was our dinner.

Oh my gosh, it tasted delicious! The corn was unbelievable. It brought back memories of our MONSTER garden back home in Newcastle.

Definitely planting next year. I even used the flowers (or weeds) because I didn't plant them....the birds dropped seeds....or the wind dropped seeds....but they were gorgeous anyway. It was a good day!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poor Hayley !

Hayley has been fighting back and forth with a rash, stiff joints and off and on stomach pains for a few weeks. She has been to the doctor and the initial diagnosis was "shaving". REALLY?....shaving! Anyway, a REAL doctor and blood work, etc. came up with HSP Syndrome. All the symptoms seem to be right on. She has seen a specialist and they are watching her kidneys. They aren't sure if it stems from the Kawasaki Disease she had a few years ago or not. She was told to come back every Friday for tests because of protein (2+) in her urine. She was to do this for four months. Her rash started going away...until Sunday. It came back full force. Her stomach pain became severe and by morning (as Kim stated, "I had to take a picture to show the doctor what we saw in the toilet").

She had her appointment this morning and the doctor admitted her to Primary Children's Hospital. She had her abdominal ultrasound and blood work. She also had soup and was thrilled! The staff at this hospital is fantastic. While we were there, Dr. Good (that's a great name to have) came in, introduced himself and explained he wasn't on her team.....but is a teaching physician. He asked Hayley permission to bring in 4 medical students tomorrow to see this "unique" case. He explained what they will be asking and if it was okay for them to see her rash and touch it. She said yes. (She also said her older sister will be jealous when she finds out).

The nurse gave her pain meds in her IV, along with the steroids, and after a couple minutes, she asked us why her lips were fuzzy. (Gotta luv meds!). Luckily, she didn't need the morphine that she's allowed to have....that's a good thing!

She can have whatever she wants to eat whenever she wants it. She asked for mashed potatoes...and a smoothie...and a banana.

We'll see how she feels tomorrow after the kidney specialist sees her. What a way to start junior high this week. She just got braces, started school with a rash and stiff joints and now in the hospital. I told her she needs to become a doctor.

UPDATE: Kim just called from hospital. They're doing a biopsy tomorrow on her rash. She got nauseous and dizzy when she stood up. She only got to 1/2 of her mashed potatoes and just finished her banana before Kim called. Probably the combo of pain meds and steroids did her in. She's tucked in for the night and ready for bed (she does have her movie line-up ready for tomorrow:).

Friday, August 20, 2010

Peek-A-Boo !

Thought I'd like to share what the last week has been like. Dad and I started the retaining wall around the garden. Naturally, he is doing the majority of the work...the hard stuff. My job is filling dirt inbetween the bricks and behind them and pounding the dirt down. Poor dad has to lay the first row on the hardest dirt on the face of the earth !!

After the first row, the rest is a piece of cake. Anyway, I decided to take a pic of the garden which is going crazy. We didn't really plan on putting one in because of everything else going on. But...we thought we'd try it. TONS of pumpkin and squash. Onions, tomatoes, watermelon and corn. While taking a picture, I saw a rabbit shoot by me under the leaves. Dad is trying to find it.

Keep you posted. It's almost completed...yea!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wonderful Visit....and SURPRISE !!!!

Dave, Audra and the kids were down for a wedding and stayed with us for a week. We had a wonderful time!

The kids went quadding, boating and even managed a movie (Toy Story 3 of course). Kelli, John and kids came over for dinner one night and played and Kim, Dan and girls came over for breakfast one day and played. Audra's brother, wife and three boys spent the night after the wedding. We all really had fun together. What a neat family and the boys were very nice. Families and new friends are what it's all about!

Everyone left this morning before church and it's sooooo quiet. Chuck is downstairs listening to his music and I'm upstairs. I miss them already. They're on their way to Disneyland for a week and then school. Before leaving, the kids finally dropped ONE LAST HINT to grandpa. I fixed a bowl of ice cream and pickles for Audra and she sat in front of grandpa eating it. He finally asked what in the world was she eating that for and we all stared at him. Then it would think after 6kids, he would figure out all the hints they gave him all week. Oh well.....#22 will be here in February. YEA!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to Celebrate a 40th Birthday!

Friday, we took Kelli, John and family out on the boat. The kids had a great time! The girls (and Kelli) went on the tube for about 1 1/2 hrs. (Let's just say...Kelli's back and legs are a little on the "pink" side! Of course, I forgot my camera, so we'll have to take pics next time.

Saturday, Kim, Dan and family went to the lake for her 40th birthday. What...??? I have a daughter who is 40! When did that happen!!?? Eventhough it was overcast, she was brave and jumped on the tube w/one of the girls. They had a blast. After falling (or jumping as they recall)...the other girls got on. Things were fine until the boat started beeping. A little disconcerting when you're trying to have fun! Long story short...the boat died. We called the ranger patrol and 2 hrs. later, they towed us into shore. We kept drifting further and further away from where we told them we were. So much for the anchor! It was a Laurel and Hardy act pulling the boat around the launch to get it into position to be hauled into the trailer. 3:30 in the afternoon with people trying to get out of the water. We had a lady trying to help and Chuck and Kim were jumping on boats to throw the line around them to pull ours closer. Yeah...happy birthday Kim!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pics of Katelyn

Didn't get as many pics as I thought I would...too busy running after little ones and keeping things up in the house.

Scott, Kristy and family and Jay and family came up for a BBQ. Scott kept following the baby around and FINALLY decided to hold her (until she started moving, then he asked for back-up!).

She's still fighting jaundice. Goes into lab again this morning. She has been stuck so many times, she jumps when you touch her :(

She is a little sweetheart...a really good baby. She loves to look around and be held close and talked too.

Kamryn and Owen finished up swim lessons while I was there. Every day we went to the pool. They both love the water. Kamryn jumped off the highdive by herself and loved it. Owen loves being in the water and takes off at every opportunity.

Grandpa spent a LOT of time in the hammock! When Rob got off, they took the two oldest and went quadding in the mountains. They all had a great time. Kamryn facepainted everyone in sight and painted grandpa's nails. He also got to go on a "ride-a-long" w/Rob (one of his favorite things to do!).

We met some really nice neighbors while there.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Introducing...Katelyn DeeAnn Boyack

July 13 somewhere around 5:40 p.m....our 21st grandchild was born! She weighed 6lb. 8oz. and was 19" long. Her dad said she has a ton of dark hair. Her brother and sisters have blonde hair. I saw an email of her and she was looking up at her mom....sooooo sweet!

She is jaundice so won't be coming home yet. We probably won't see her until Saturday. We take the other three to swim lessons every morning. They keep us hopping! Grandpa takes lots of naps and sees the neighbors a lot.

We are so excited to welcome new little one to the family. She is already loved!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bicycles and Pavement Don't Mix !

Yesterday, we got a call that our youngest(28)had biffed it. He was on his 10-speed and 2 or 3 blocks from home, when the front tire came off. Jay said, "I knew I was going down and that it was going to hurt!". It did.

He broke his nose, had 5 stitches, the right side of his face is all scarred up, his right shoulder matches his face, both wrists, both knees, bump on his forehead and parts of the left side of his face.

He was lucky that an officer in an unmarked car saw it and called 911. The ambulance came, but he denied them because he had JUST canceled his insurance last week. The officer called Brie and she picked him up and took him to the hospital. His brother-in-law found out and went to the hospital to give him a blessing...thank you Dan!!! He's swollen, definitely going to bruise and has gauze stuffed up his nose with bandages and gauze all over his body. The paramedics loaded his bike into the car and the blood was hosed off the sidewalk. (He drug himself to the grass because of the mess he was making on the sidewalk!)

With this said...he finished packing the UHaul and drove all night to CA. where they will be living now.

He said this morning, he was feeling the pain...but promised to rest tonight (after unloading the truck).

This is why I'm turning gray!

Of course, my pictures won't download to the computer, so hopefully they will at another time.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 41st Anniversary!

Wow...41 years! Today is our anniversary. I love being a June bride!! We celebrated yesterday by going to a Chinese restaurant (which we probably won't go to again), saw TWO movies back to back which were fantastic and funny...("Killers" and "Letters to Juliet"), went to the Red Iguana for dinner in SLC and then to Clark's Planetarium to see two laser, music, weird-type shows (not so much into Metallica). Chuck liked them though....give and take ladies, give and take). Anyway, we had a great time. We are so into getting this backyard ready, that we don't do "date" things. Nice to get away and be a couple again.

Thank you to our children for giving us a gift card to do all these fun things!!! We love you!!!!!

We were blessed with six children and in a couple of weeks...our 21st grandchild. Our life is good. There are moments for both of us.....but that comes with the territory. He still makes my heart beat faster and I know there was a reason I kept his missionary farewell program!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Calm After the Storm......AND S'Mores!

Wow.....did we have a windstorm! We're kinda getting used to the weather system we live in...but I'm not happy with the windstorms!

We lost part of our fence (Chuck put it together again) and our tallest tree snapped at the bottom and cracked all the way up (Chuck has secured the tree to stakes, bound it and put goop on the crack) and lost our satellite to the RV. Our poor neighbors had their fence go down, the street sign in front of their house completely BENT, the new house behind us lost half the walls, the sound studio being built up the street lost all but one wall......gotta luv this place!

My friend, JoAnn, had just left that morning and missed all the fun! She was up for a couple of days and we caught up on stuff that was going on back home and went out to dinner a couple of times. It was nice seeing her. She had said she doesn't like wind...probably a good thing she missed this one.

The day after looks like nothing had happened! Anyway, we dealt with it and Hayley and her girlfriend came over to have a sleepover. We did S'Mores downstairs w/Kelli's family and they had fun. (The mother bird wasn't happy we were invading her territory and wanted us to leave so she could get back to her nest...makes you wonder whose house this is?).

Saw a house in the neighborhood next to ours...oh my gosh! Over 15,000 sq. feet. It's literally a castle inside and out. GORGEOUS!! I couldn't even begin to tell you about it...well, maybe just a little :) Downstairs enclosed pool w/fountains, flatscreen and doors that open outside w/inset pictures of beautiful scenery...downstairs HUGE studio w/mirrors...downstairs HUGE kitchen and family room w/3 flatscreens next to each other...6 bedrooms, 7 1/2 baths, unbelievable upstairs kitchen and family room w/3 flatscreens, master bathroom that is bigger than my living room! Two honest to goodness Knights upstairs...I can't continue...unbelievable! Oh wait....FOUR washer/dryer units....1 downstairs, 1 in the guest room and 2 upstairs next to the craft/play area. 18 flatscreens. was something!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Blessings...Broken Finger...Broken Brick...Weird Storms

Amazing what can happen in just a few days! We started out with a sweet baby blessing of my nephew's little girl, Averie. We went to a park afterwards and had a lunch with Kellie's family, the grandparents and Brian's family. Kids played on the playground, Matt took Hayley for a motorcycle ride, James found a friend to play squirt gun with and little Averie was as sweet as she could be.

A couple days before the blessing, Paige was taking a packet of seeds out to grandpa and the wind shot through the house and slammed the front door on her finger. Kelli and I looked at each other immediately when we saw her finger and knew it was probably broken. I ran and got a towel and ice and covered it, so she wouldn't see it. Kelli got on the phone w/the doctor and Paige came back with a splint in pink (her favorite color). She tried to play croquet at the park, but is having issues with holding things.

THEN...our neighbor came up the driveway in his new BMW convertable and ran smack into our water fountain. (He was looking at Chuck's truck as he came up and didn't see the fountain). Can I tell you the damage done to his front left bumper!!!!

To top it off, the weather has decided to not be undone and weird storms have been hitting all week. After a black sky, wind and thunder....a strange orangish glow lit up the sky. We're trying to get the backyard ready for sod...need a little help here!