Friday, January 29, 2010

We're Back!

Most of you probably didn't even know we were gone!! We had beautiful weather, saw green grass, and collected sea shells while the water ran over my toes. Loved it!

We went to Dana Point for a late lunch (I actually ate Halibut!). The harbor was beautiful. We checked out Mission Viejo to get our iPod Touch and computer to actually like each they do. We thought we were going to go to the San Diego Zoo...but not for $37 a piece. Driving around, we saw the USS Midway and stopped. We were there for over 4 hours. It was very interesting and I couldn't believe how many stairs we climbed up and down on that ship! How in the world they figured out where they were was beyond me. Dad said it's all encrypted on doors, you just have to know the language!

We walked to the harbor a couple of times, since it was soooo close to the timeshare and saw a couple of beautiful sunsets over the ocean. There have to be thousands of dogs that go on walks along the beaches. Almost everyone had a dog on a leash. We walked out on a pier and took pics next to the local pelicans...everything was fine until Chuck got to close and Mr. Pelican tried to bite him!

Dad and I braved the pool Thursday morning. It wasn't the warmest, but I was okay as long as I was submerged! We will definitely be back. The resort is centrally located to a lot of places. Pics will be forthcoming (as soon as I remember where I packed the camera!). Good to be home!


  1. Gosh, you should have stopped by on your way back..we aren't that far out of the way..But most time folks dont. Glad you had fun..

  2. Barb...I'm sooo sorry! I completely forgot you guys were there. I wasn't in the thinking mode of actually seeing people. My brother is in Alta Loma. We're coming down May 22 or 23rd for a week to Disneyland w/Kim, Kelli, Kris and Rob. We'll definitely stop by...

  3. Glad your back, even if for a few days, :) The pics look great, can't wait till May:):):)