Friday, March 5, 2010

C'Mon!!!! I Put My Winter Stuff Away!!!

Two days ago, I was in flip flops...this morning (although I have to say, it's gorgeous), a lot of snow! It's probably because I JUST put away my boots and long coat.

You-know-who is giddy (ha ha) and the first thing he did was clear snow off the boat. Friday is his day to do the Heber Run. I pick up Kim's girls while they go to sunny Arizona for the weekend...running away from snow are ya?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New blog w/giveaways

Barb posted a cute blog giveaway that she found. It's called Diann is the creator and is celebrating her one year blog anniversary by giving away two rooster plates March 7. If you want to enter, copy the link and go for it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RS Birthday Dinner

We did it!...and it's over!! Last night we celebrated our RS Birthday dinner. We got to the church at 11:00 a.m. to decorate, finished around 2 or 3 (including running back and forth to the house). Our program started at 6:30 and we were cleaned up by 9:30. YEA!

Our theme was "Pockets Full of Love". We took the poem "Grandma's Apron", and created a skit around it. Afterwards, each sister took home an apron that we had made with the poem in the pocket.

We had 72 ladies sitting at tables and served 91 for dinner (including our Priests who served and sang, nursery young women and leaders). The musical numbers, dance, and skit were perfect. I was very pleased. Everyone stayed around talking and were very appreciative of the entire night.

We had pecan crusted chicken, gourmet rice, salad, rolls and homemade pies. Our only concern was only one batch of rolls came in. A mad dash to Smith's brought in every roll they had in the store! As far as food went, we had 3 or 4 dishes of rice not used, two batches of chicken that we didn't need, 2 1/2 pies left over and 3 bags of salad...pretty good considering we didn't know how many were coming.

Ladies want our recipes and a copy of the skit, so Sunday we will provide that. (I also give the lesson Sunday) :( :(

I didn't get good pics because I was running around, but here are a couple before and during our dinner.