Friday, March 5, 2010

C'Mon!!!! I Put My Winter Stuff Away!!!

Two days ago, I was in flip flops...this morning (although I have to say, it's gorgeous), a lot of snow! It's probably because I JUST put away my boots and long coat.

You-know-who is giddy (ha ha) and the first thing he did was clear snow off the boat. Friday is his day to do the Heber Run. I pick up Kim's girls while they go to sunny Arizona for the weekend...running away from snow are ya?


  1. The snow in your yard is beautiful and this time of year won't last long. Sounds like you will be having fun with the granddaughters this week.Do to a bad back we have had some time off from our work I will be glad to get better and back to the work.

  2. Its almost spring..I am in flip flops all year it..

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