Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Moab Trip

We just came back from two GORGEOUS days in Moab. You couldn't ask for better weather...especially when it started POURING on Wednesday! We trailed w/the McLaughlins and saw "The Birthing Rock", "Monitor and Merrimac", the "Mammoth" petrogylph (finally), a cute turtle, Chuck and Ken using their GPS to figure out where we were, people watching us climb a crazy "road"?, climbing around Chicken Corners (I didn't go around the corner because I was CHICKEN and everything inbetween. Last year we spent probably 3 hrs. looking inbetween all the finns and canyons for this petroglyph of a mammoth. There are only two in the U.S. and couldn't find it. It was hot and disappointing. THIS year, we found it...YEA! I documented it. Moab doesn't always have "roads", so you follow little white strips of paint that have been painted on the rock. Sometimes those strips are on a tilted rock and a little freaky to go on! But we did it. Beautiful trip that everyone should have an opportunity to go see.


  1. hope you remember how to get to that Mammoth so you can show the grandkids when we go down with you sometime!

  2. Trust's etched in my brain! Can't believe we couldn't find it the first time!!

  3. What a fun trip.Our son knows of some places to go where hardly any one ever gets to it is on the rails he works for UP.Lots of Indian stuff. His boss says he can take us down some time.I love Moab,especially this time of year before it gets hot.Thanks for dinner and the visit.