Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wow...Am I Behind!!!

Talk about crazyness! We've had soooo much going on, I haven't even updated!

In March we went to Texas to see Dave, Audra and kids. Beautiful house...the kids are getting so big. AND...because we were trying to get away from the snow...the day before we left Texas, it snowed. Really !!...they don't have snow plows for the streets, cars had slid off the road and got stuck on the way to church. Home sweet home. It was hot just a couple days before!

We got to share Easter break with the girls and actually got to spend time with them. We saw some great houses...Texas does things big and we love seeing the model homes. Dave took time off to spend with family and us and I know it was at a tough time. He had to play "catch-up" when he got back to work. They have a TON of stores and restaurants in Texas. The girls got me hooked on a computer game (that they are ahead of)and I'm still trying to get past a certain level. Audra demonstrated her cooking talent with the "abal skeever"...a phonetic way of saying it...but it's Danish pancakes. Really fun.

We got home and a couple days later, Kristy, Blain and kids came for a week. Andrew and Hayley both turned 13 so they shared a skydiving experience inside a building. They had a fantastic time and it's all on DVD. (I never did anything like that...I think if I tried now, I would throw up). They have more fun with each other. We had sleepovers of cousins, dance competition to go too, movies to see and Kristy got her wish to "sleep in". Of course, she was also throwing up, etc....but she got her wish!

Paige turned 8 and is excited about being baptized. Allie turned 9. It was a crazy week for birthdays! Mary fell asleep while we were playing a game.

We're now focusing on May and Disneyland as the 3 girls and families make plans. None of the boys can make it, hopefully one of these years soon, we can all get together for a fun vacation.

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