Friday, May 14, 2010

Our new addition...US Flag

Chuck has wanted to put this in since we moved. We had one back home (of wasn't as windy as we'll see). Our neighbor had his pole bend in half.

We spent all day weeding. Wish my flowers grew as well as the weeds. Sure looks better than it did this morning. Tomorrow, I attempt the petunia planting. That's the only annual I have. Decided it's too much work to plant annuals over and over and over. I'm liking the perennials :)


  1. hey the flagpole actually looks pretty good!

  2. The flag pole is awesome. Brian really wants to put one up when we get in a different house. Good thing I saw this, now I know who to call when we are struggling to get it put up!

  3. Flag looks good, hopefully the wind won't beat it to death..flags don't do well here either.

    I don't do annuals EVER. Perennials is the word!

    Come by my pink saturday post is should join, so much fun!!

  4. Flag pole is lookin good!! Will look even better with Grandpa's flag flying. The flowers look good too:)