Saturday, May 1, 2010

Paige's Baptism

This morning Paige got baptized! She has been looking forward to this day for a month. They moved, so she missed her original baptism date by one day. Then John went she was a little sad. It all came together this morning and she was so excited. She kept going around telling everyone "thank you for coming". What a sweetheart! Allie and Tori gave talks, Grandpa baptized and confirmed her, mom gave her testimony (amongst tears) and Uncle Dan and I gave the prayers.

Her dad will be proud when he sees her pics. We've had 4 granddaughters baptized this year(Kamryn, Cami, Emily and Paige) all of you to pieces!!!

We had a nice brunch at Paige's house afterwards with family and friends. This afternoon we get to go to "Pirate Island" for a special dinner.


  1. Congratulations Paige! I didn't know that she was getting baptized today. Tell her that we are proud of her and that we love her. I actually tried to call you this morning. Bree called me and told me that you didn't know about Averie's birth. I am so sorry! We just posted on the blog and put pictures on facebook. We didn't really call anyone and I am sorry if you guys felt left out of the loop. We would love it if you could come and visit though. I'm warning you though, once you meet her you will want to take her home! Call me and let me know, you are welcome anytime. Love ya!

  2. You are SO SHORT compared to Tori! That is pretty funny!

  3. FYI...Tori had HEELS on...(even without though, she was taller than me)...I'm shrinking!

    Kellie...Don't apologize...I just happened to be there when Brian texted Kelli...I don't have text capability...or know-how...she is beautiful and you're going to love her to pieces!!! I didn't feel out of the loop at all. Trust me, I've been had a lot going on! We love you guys!