Friday, May 7, 2010

Tulips, Quilts, COLD weather and Ridiculous Prices!!

Our tulips are doing their best to come took me a couple of days to do this quilt top for a Humanitarian project (totally clueless to figuring out a pattern)...BUT...really??'s May people!!! I'm trying to get flowers to my mound, but it's soooooo cold.

Went shopping for a blouse...holy smokes...prices have gotten a little out of hand! Needless to say, I didn't get what I fell in love with...found a new store, Chico's. I hate to have to "settle" for something else. $90 for a blouse...really??? Those prices are ridiculous!! Back to Dress Barn and WalMart.


  1. $90 for a blouse! YIPES..No way..I think my fave shop is still Dress Barn, and I like Fashion Bug too..
    Well I could send you some of our weather, end of the week will be 90's again..and so the summer begins..
    love you and thanks for your comments about mom..I appreciat it.

  2. My feelings exactly...I loved Chico's...but wow...I'd have to take out a mortgage on the house to wear their clothes. Darn...I really liked their style! Dress Barn had nothing :(

    Happy Mother's Day!!! Miss hanging out with you!