Sunday, May 16, 2010

Witches...Munchins...and Witches !

Last night, I went to Erin's play to see their rendition of Wizard of Oz. CUTE play!! It was 1 1/2 hours and the kids were fantastic. Very talented... Erin got to do a solo and nailed it and she also had a couple of other parts as Mary Poppins. I was very impressed with all the kids and Erin got all her moves on...they looked very professional.

GOOD JOB ERIN!!! Afterwards, 18 of us went to Leatherby's for ice cream. Did I mention...Saturday night at Leatherby's...what were we thinking! Stood in line for awhile to get in. Then we brought in 6 adults and 13 kids. Talk about a franchise to get into!!!, the economy hasn't hurt them! Ice cream everywhere...every color imaginable on our table. The kids had a great time. (Did I mention how crowded it was????). I tried to take a pic of the group while I was paying my check, but they were all over the place. Kim and family, her Bishop and their family, Kelli and her family and me. Papa was in Idaho at a convention.


  1. That was really fun! Erin loved that you and the girls came...and we all had belly aches from all of that ice cream afterwards!

  2. That was alot of ice cream!! The girls woke up saying they ate too much. Had fun though:)