Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 41st Anniversary!

Wow...41 years! Today is our anniversary. I love being a June bride!! We celebrated yesterday by going to a Chinese restaurant (which we probably won't go to again), saw TWO movies back to back which were fantastic and funny...("Killers" and "Letters to Juliet"), went to the Red Iguana for dinner in SLC and then to Clark's Planetarium to see two laser, music, weird-type shows (not so much into Metallica). Chuck liked them though....give and take ladies, give and take). Anyway, we had a great time. We are so into getting this backyard ready, that we don't do "date" things. Nice to get away and be a couple again.

Thank you to our children for giving us a gift card to do all these fun things!!! We love you!!!!!

We were blessed with six children and in a couple of weeks...our 21st grandchild. Our life is good. There are moments for both of us.....but that comes with the territory. He still makes my heart beat faster and I know there was a reason I kept his missionary farewell program!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Calm After the Storm......AND S'Mores!

Wow.....did we have a windstorm! We're kinda getting used to the weather system we live in...but I'm not happy with the windstorms!

We lost part of our fence (Chuck put it together again) and our tallest tree snapped at the bottom and cracked all the way up (Chuck has secured the tree to stakes, bound it and put goop on the crack) and lost our satellite to the RV. Our poor neighbors had their fence go down, the street sign in front of their house completely BENT, the new house behind us lost half the walls, the sound studio being built up the street lost all but one wall......gotta luv this place!

My friend, JoAnn, had just left that morning and missed all the fun! She was up for a couple of days and we caught up on stuff that was going on back home and went out to dinner a couple of times. It was nice seeing her. She had said she doesn't like wind...probably a good thing she missed this one.

The day after looks like nothing had happened! Anyway, we dealt with it and Hayley and her girlfriend came over to have a sleepover. We did S'Mores downstairs w/Kelli's family and they had fun. (The mother bird wasn't happy we were invading her territory and wanted us to leave so she could get back to her nest...makes you wonder whose house this is?).

Saw a house in the neighborhood next to ours...oh my gosh! Over 15,000 sq. feet. It's literally a castle inside and out. GORGEOUS!! I couldn't even begin to tell you about it...well, maybe just a little :) Downstairs enclosed pool w/fountains, flatscreen and doors that open outside w/inset pictures of beautiful scenery...downstairs HUGE studio w/mirrors...downstairs HUGE kitchen and family room w/3 flatscreens next to each other...6 bedrooms, 7 1/2 baths, unbelievable upstairs kitchen and family room w/3 flatscreens, master bathroom that is bigger than my living room! Two honest to goodness Knights upstairs...I can't continue...unbelievable! Oh wait....FOUR washer/dryer units....1 downstairs, 1 in the guest room and 2 upstairs next to the craft/play area. 18 flatscreens. was something!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Blessings...Broken Finger...Broken Brick...Weird Storms

Amazing what can happen in just a few days! We started out with a sweet baby blessing of my nephew's little girl, Averie. We went to a park afterwards and had a lunch with Kellie's family, the grandparents and Brian's family. Kids played on the playground, Matt took Hayley for a motorcycle ride, James found a friend to play squirt gun with and little Averie was as sweet as she could be.

A couple days before the blessing, Paige was taking a packet of seeds out to grandpa and the wind shot through the house and slammed the front door on her finger. Kelli and I looked at each other immediately when we saw her finger and knew it was probably broken. I ran and got a towel and ice and covered it, so she wouldn't see it. Kelli got on the phone w/the doctor and Paige came back with a splint in pink (her favorite color). She tried to play croquet at the park, but is having issues with holding things.

THEN...our neighbor came up the driveway in his new BMW convertable and ran smack into our water fountain. (He was looking at Chuck's truck as he came up and didn't see the fountain). Can I tell you the damage done to his front left bumper!!!!

To top it off, the weather has decided to not be undone and weird storms have been hitting all week. After a black sky, wind and thunder....a strange orangish glow lit up the sky. We're trying to get the backyard ready for sod...need a little help here!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Partial Family Reunion...Girls Made It!

We tried to get the family to Disneyland w/grandkids. We had rooms, then canceled rooms...then reserved a room and another one to combine for one week...then canceled. Finally ended up w/the original 3 rooms. Dad even canceled on us for a trip to Moab...then found out (after I canceled OUR room) that the trip had been moved to June. He stayed home in the 3 inches of snow that fell.

We were sad that Dave and family couldn't make it. Jay and family couldn't make it and Rob and family couldn't make it. They all had to work (which is understandable and school still had one week to go). Rob had court smack in the middle of his vacation, so they couldn't go. Kamryn was heartbroken. The girls got Independent Studies for their kids. We will definitely get the boys down there. The timeshare was awesome and really close to Disneyland. It's 14 stories high and faced the park, so we saw the fireworks from the balcony. The kids had a great time. The pool was perfect for kicking back. They enjoyed night swimming.

We spent Sunday at my brother's and had a barbeque with my nephew, his family and my nieces and their families. The kids played in the pool and enjoyed each other's company.

Disney was awesome. Perfect time of the year to go because it's just before Memorial Weekend. Walked on to almost all of the big rides. Food is ridiculously expensive. We brought in PBJ sandwiches and snacks and did just fine. A couple of nights we hit Denny's for dinner. Hayley ended up in a wheelchair...she slammed her already hurt knee and it was all bruised. She was really she got to relax and ride.

We had made plans to see Barb, but her cousin was in town and things got crazy, so it never materialized. All in all, my knee survived considering all the walking I did. I hurt it at the Santa Monica Pier w/Kristy and Blain while walking. One of the planks went down a little and I didn't see it, so when I caught me off guard. I thought I was going to throw up, it hurt so bad. Two months is toooooo long for this pain. Dan got me an Ace bandage that I wore at the park.

The kids had a great time and for some strange reason....everyone went to bed as soon as we got back to the timeshare....hmmmm.