Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Blessings...Broken Finger...Broken Brick...Weird Storms

Amazing what can happen in just a few days! We started out with a sweet baby blessing of my nephew's little girl, Averie. We went to a park afterwards and had a lunch with Kellie's family, the grandparents and Brian's family. Kids played on the playground, Matt took Hayley for a motorcycle ride, James found a friend to play squirt gun with and little Averie was as sweet as she could be.

A couple days before the blessing, Paige was taking a packet of seeds out to grandpa and the wind shot through the house and slammed the front door on her finger. Kelli and I looked at each other immediately when we saw her finger and knew it was probably broken. I ran and got a towel and ice and covered it, so she wouldn't see it. Kelli got on the phone w/the doctor and Paige came back with a splint in pink (her favorite color). She tried to play croquet at the park, but is having issues with holding things.

THEN...our neighbor came up the driveway in his new BMW convertable and ran smack into our water fountain. (He was looking at Chuck's truck as he came up and didn't see the fountain). Can I tell you the damage done to his front left bumper!!!!

To top it off, the weather has decided to not be undone and weird storms have been hitting all week. After a black sky, wind and thunder....a strange orangish glow lit up the sky. We're trying to get the backyard ready for sod...need a little help here!


  1. Thanks again for coming to Averie's blessing. It was so nice to have you guys there. Oh and thanks for the gift. I didn't even notice it until everyone had left! Those outfits are adorable and the place mat is such a cute idea. Thanks again. You guys are the best.

  2. Hi Debbie! thanks for stopping by my little ol blog..I love aprons too..I am loving things that are vintage and retro probably because I am getting vintage and retro..
    love you!