Friday, June 18, 2010

Calm After the Storm......AND S'Mores!

Wow.....did we have a windstorm! We're kinda getting used to the weather system we live in...but I'm not happy with the windstorms!

We lost part of our fence (Chuck put it together again) and our tallest tree snapped at the bottom and cracked all the way up (Chuck has secured the tree to stakes, bound it and put goop on the crack) and lost our satellite to the RV. Our poor neighbors had their fence go down, the street sign in front of their house completely BENT, the new house behind us lost half the walls, the sound studio being built up the street lost all but one wall......gotta luv this place!

My friend, JoAnn, had just left that morning and missed all the fun! She was up for a couple of days and we caught up on stuff that was going on back home and went out to dinner a couple of times. It was nice seeing her. She had said she doesn't like wind...probably a good thing she missed this one.

The day after looks like nothing had happened! Anyway, we dealt with it and Hayley and her girlfriend came over to have a sleepover. We did S'Mores downstairs w/Kelli's family and they had fun. (The mother bird wasn't happy we were invading her territory and wanted us to leave so she could get back to her nest...makes you wonder whose house this is?).

Saw a house in the neighborhood next to ours...oh my gosh! Over 15,000 sq. feet. It's literally a castle inside and out. GORGEOUS!! I couldn't even begin to tell you about it...well, maybe just a little :) Downstairs enclosed pool w/fountains, flatscreen and doors that open outside w/inset pictures of beautiful scenery...downstairs HUGE studio w/mirrors...downstairs HUGE kitchen and family room w/3 flatscreens next to each other...6 bedrooms, 7 1/2 baths, unbelievable upstairs kitchen and family room w/3 flatscreens, master bathroom that is bigger than my living room! Two honest to goodness Knights upstairs...I can't continue...unbelievable! Oh wait....FOUR washer/dryer units....1 downstairs, 1 in the guest room and 2 upstairs next to the craft/play area. 18 flatscreens. was something!


  1. That windstorm was nuts. I hate the weather this summer. Wait can I even call it summer? Anyway, we went to the parade of homes too and that house was amazing. I want that craft room that is upstairs. I would live up there!

  2. It was unbelievable! I loved the pool...I would probably lose my grandkids in the house!! They'll be in our ward...ward parties???