Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 41st Anniversary!

Wow...41 years! Today is our anniversary. I love being a June bride!! We celebrated yesterday by going to a Chinese restaurant (which we probably won't go to again), saw TWO movies back to back which were fantastic and funny...("Killers" and "Letters to Juliet"), went to the Red Iguana for dinner in SLC and then to Clark's Planetarium to see two laser, music, weird-type shows (not so much into Metallica). Chuck liked them though....give and take ladies, give and take). Anyway, we had a great time. We are so into getting this backyard ready, that we don't do "date" things. Nice to get away and be a couple again.

Thank you to our children for giving us a gift card to do all these fun things!!! We love you!!!!!

We were blessed with six children and in a couple of weeks...our 21st grandchild. Our life is good. There are moments for both of us.....but that comes with the territory. He still makes my heart beat faster and I know there was a reason I kept his missionary farewell program!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a long day :)Miss you both, can't wait to see you!

  2. Love your pictures a blast from the past. You look so cute together real love that will last forever that is what we both have it is great.

  3. Glad you guys had fun. That was a lot of "date" for one day:) Maybe next time spread it over a couple weekends:) Love You Both