Monday, July 26, 2010

Pics of Katelyn

Didn't get as many pics as I thought I would...too busy running after little ones and keeping things up in the house.

Scott, Kristy and family and Jay and family came up for a BBQ. Scott kept following the baby around and FINALLY decided to hold her (until she started moving, then he asked for back-up!).

She's still fighting jaundice. Goes into lab again this morning. She has been stuck so many times, she jumps when you touch her :(

She is a little sweetheart...a really good baby. She loves to look around and be held close and talked too.

Kamryn and Owen finished up swim lessons while I was there. Every day we went to the pool. They both love the water. Kamryn jumped off the highdive by herself and loved it. Owen loves being in the water and takes off at every opportunity.

Grandpa spent a LOT of time in the hammock! When Rob got off, they took the two oldest and went quadding in the mountains. They all had a great time. Kamryn facepainted everyone in sight and painted grandpa's nails. He also got to go on a "ride-a-long" w/Rob (one of his favorite things to do!).

We met some really nice neighbors while there.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Introducing...Katelyn DeeAnn Boyack

July 13 somewhere around 5:40 p.m....our 21st grandchild was born! She weighed 6lb. 8oz. and was 19" long. Her dad said she has a ton of dark hair. Her brother and sisters have blonde hair. I saw an email of her and she was looking up at her mom....sooooo sweet!

She is jaundice so won't be coming home yet. We probably won't see her until Saturday. We take the other three to swim lessons every morning. They keep us hopping! Grandpa takes lots of naps and sees the neighbors a lot.

We are so excited to welcome new little one to the family. She is already loved!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bicycles and Pavement Don't Mix !

Yesterday, we got a call that our youngest(28)had biffed it. He was on his 10-speed and 2 or 3 blocks from home, when the front tire came off. Jay said, "I knew I was going down and that it was going to hurt!". It did.

He broke his nose, had 5 stitches, the right side of his face is all scarred up, his right shoulder matches his face, both wrists, both knees, bump on his forehead and parts of the left side of his face.

He was lucky that an officer in an unmarked car saw it and called 911. The ambulance came, but he denied them because he had JUST canceled his insurance last week. The officer called Brie and she picked him up and took him to the hospital. His brother-in-law found out and went to the hospital to give him a blessing...thank you Dan!!! He's swollen, definitely going to bruise and has gauze stuffed up his nose with bandages and gauze all over his body. The paramedics loaded his bike into the car and the blood was hosed off the sidewalk. (He drug himself to the grass because of the mess he was making on the sidewalk!)

With this said...he finished packing the UHaul and drove all night to CA. where they will be living now.

He said this morning, he was feeling the pain...but promised to rest tonight (after unloading the truck).

This is why I'm turning gray!

Of course, my pictures won't download to the computer, so hopefully they will at another time.