Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bicycles and Pavement Don't Mix !

Yesterday, we got a call that our youngest(28)had biffed it. He was on his 10-speed and 2 or 3 blocks from home, when the front tire came off. Jay said, "I knew I was going down and that it was going to hurt!". It did.

He broke his nose, had 5 stitches, the right side of his face is all scarred up, his right shoulder matches his face, both wrists, both knees, bump on his forehead and parts of the left side of his face.

He was lucky that an officer in an unmarked car saw it and called 911. The ambulance came, but he denied them because he had JUST canceled his insurance last week. The officer called Brie and she picked him up and took him to the hospital. His brother-in-law found out and went to the hospital to give him a blessing...thank you Dan!!! He's swollen, definitely going to bruise and has gauze stuffed up his nose with bandages and gauze all over his body. The paramedics loaded his bike into the car and the blood was hosed off the sidewalk. (He drug himself to the grass because of the mess he was making on the sidewalk!)

With this said...he finished packing the UHaul and drove all night to CA. where they will be living now.

He said this morning, he was feeling the pain...but promised to rest tonight (after unloading the truck).

This is why I'm turning gray!

Of course, my pictures won't download to the computer, so hopefully they will at another time.


  1. So sorry that your son was hurt. Also sorry that he moved to CA. My son just moved to Fl and now our grand son and his family are also moving there I am not happy.

  2. Oh Boy, that's our James..glad he was not hurt worse..where are they going to be living? send me an email when you get time..

  3. Oh my gosh! That sucks. I hope that he is ok. I can't believe he still finished packing up and moved. I am going to miss them.