Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Introducing...Katelyn DeeAnn Boyack

July 13 somewhere around 5:40 p.m....our 21st grandchild was born! She weighed 6lb. 8oz. and was 19" long. Her dad said she has a ton of dark hair. Her brother and sisters have blonde hair. I saw an email of her and she was looking up at her mom....sooooo sweet!

She is jaundice so won't be coming home yet. We probably won't see her until Saturday. We take the other three to swim lessons every morning. They keep us hopping! Grandpa takes lots of naps and sees the neighbors a lot.

We are so excited to welcome new little one to the family. She is already loved!


  1. Great news you have lots of grand children now fun fun fun!!

  2. Oh She is such a doll! Congrats to you guys and to Rob and Natalie!