Friday, August 20, 2010

Peek-A-Boo !

Thought I'd like to share what the last week has been like. Dad and I started the retaining wall around the garden. Naturally, he is doing the majority of the work...the hard stuff. My job is filling dirt inbetween the bricks and behind them and pounding the dirt down. Poor dad has to lay the first row on the hardest dirt on the face of the earth !!

After the first row, the rest is a piece of cake. Anyway, I decided to take a pic of the garden which is going crazy. We didn't really plan on putting one in because of everything else going on. But...we thought we'd try it. TONS of pumpkin and squash. Onions, tomatoes, watermelon and corn. While taking a picture, I saw a rabbit shoot by me under the leaves. Dad is trying to find it.

Keep you posted. It's almost completed...yea!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wonderful Visit....and SURPRISE !!!!

Dave, Audra and the kids were down for a wedding and stayed with us for a week. We had a wonderful time!

The kids went quadding, boating and even managed a movie (Toy Story 3 of course). Kelli, John and kids came over for dinner one night and played and Kim, Dan and girls came over for breakfast one day and played. Audra's brother, wife and three boys spent the night after the wedding. We all really had fun together. What a neat family and the boys were very nice. Families and new friends are what it's all about!

Everyone left this morning before church and it's sooooo quiet. Chuck is downstairs listening to his music and I'm upstairs. I miss them already. They're on their way to Disneyland for a week and then school. Before leaving, the kids finally dropped ONE LAST HINT to grandpa. I fixed a bowl of ice cream and pickles for Audra and she sat in front of grandpa eating it. He finally asked what in the world was she eating that for and we all stared at him. Then it would think after 6kids, he would figure out all the hints they gave him all week. Oh well.....#22 will be here in February. YEA!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to Celebrate a 40th Birthday!

Friday, we took Kelli, John and family out on the boat. The kids had a great time! The girls (and Kelli) went on the tube for about 1 1/2 hrs. (Let's just say...Kelli's back and legs are a little on the "pink" side! Of course, I forgot my camera, so we'll have to take pics next time.

Saturday, Kim, Dan and family went to the lake for her 40th birthday. What...??? I have a daughter who is 40! When did that happen!!?? Eventhough it was overcast, she was brave and jumped on the tube w/one of the girls. They had a blast. After falling (or jumping as they recall)...the other girls got on. Things were fine until the boat started beeping. A little disconcerting when you're trying to have fun! Long story short...the boat died. We called the ranger patrol and 2 hrs. later, they towed us into shore. We kept drifting further and further away from where we told them we were. So much for the anchor! It was a Laurel and Hardy act pulling the boat around the launch to get it into position to be hauled into the trailer. 3:30 in the afternoon with people trying to get out of the water. We had a lady trying to help and Chuck and Kim were jumping on boats to throw the line around them to pull ours closer. Yeah...happy birthday Kim!