Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hayley Update

Kim called yesterday. Hayley was supposed to start swimming to move her muscles so they don't atrophy. Instead, she went to the doctor. Kim called from the freeway stating they were on their way to Primary Children's...the ER was waiting for them. They did a CT scan and within 10 minutes, admitted her (for the third time this month). Her color wasn't good when we saw her on Sunday. The doctors said her oxygen levels were very low and she was coughing up some blood.

At 10:30 p.m., Kim called and they will be doing a bronchoscopy this morning. Poor thing can't eat anything until it's over. She said Hayley slept well last night, but Kim didn't. Her immunologist is right on top of things and they have done every test known to mankind! One of the doctors said that Hayley is an enigma....(we just call her Hayley!). She's had more blood work done, now we just wait...again. Seems like this disease is going in different directions than it's supposed too. Where's House when you need him!!!...he gets things fixed in one hour!!!

We're asking for your thoughts and prayers for this one.


  1. Oh boy...what on earth is going on with Hayley, is it the Kawasaki? and Poor Kim, I have had sick kids but not like this..prayers for Hayley and Kim, too..i am heading to my sis in IL for a couple weeks, have my puter so keep me informed if you can..at the airport Ontario now, flying out in an hour..

  2. What is her diagnosis. My heart breaks for you all. I remember the fear of KD. We amazed all the drs with how well she did after they yelled at me for not following there protocol.
    Many blessings

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