Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poor Hayley !

Hayley has been fighting back and forth with a rash, stiff joints and off and on stomach pains for a few weeks. She has been to the doctor and the initial diagnosis was "shaving". REALLY?....shaving! Anyway, a REAL doctor and blood work, etc. came up with HSP Syndrome. All the symptoms seem to be right on. She has seen a specialist and they are watching her kidneys. They aren't sure if it stems from the Kawasaki Disease she had a few years ago or not. She was told to come back every Friday for tests because of protein (2+) in her urine. She was to do this for four months. Her rash started going away...until Sunday. It came back full force. Her stomach pain became severe and by morning (as Kim stated, "I had to take a picture to show the doctor what we saw in the toilet").

She had her appointment this morning and the doctor admitted her to Primary Children's Hospital. She had her abdominal ultrasound and blood work. She also had soup and was thrilled! The staff at this hospital is fantastic. While we were there, Dr. Good (that's a great name to have) came in, introduced himself and explained he wasn't on her team.....but is a teaching physician. He asked Hayley permission to bring in 4 medical students tomorrow to see this "unique" case. He explained what they will be asking and if it was okay for them to see her rash and touch it. She said yes. (She also said her older sister will be jealous when she finds out).

The nurse gave her pain meds in her IV, along with the steroids, and after a couple minutes, she asked us why her lips were fuzzy. (Gotta luv meds!). Luckily, she didn't need the morphine that she's allowed to have....that's a good thing!

She can have whatever she wants to eat whenever she wants it. She asked for mashed potatoes...and a smoothie...and a banana.

We'll see how she feels tomorrow after the kidney specialist sees her. What a way to start junior high this week. She just got braces, started school with a rash and stiff joints and now in the hospital. I told her she needs to become a doctor.

UPDATE: Kim just called from hospital. They're doing a biopsy tomorrow on her rash. She got nauseous and dizzy when she stood up. She only got to 1/2 of her mashed potatoes and just finished her banana before Kim called. Probably the combo of pain meds and steroids did her in. She's tucked in for the night and ready for bed (she does have her movie line-up ready for tomorrow:).


  1. Oh my gosh! Poor little thing! I swear every time I hear about Hayley she is in the hospital. I hope that everything turns out ok. She has had enough visits to the doctor for one lifte time. We will keep her in our prayers.

  2. Thanks for the update and pictures of Hayley I sure feel sorry for her and know this has really been tough on her and also for Kim and Dan to watch her suffer.

  3. I found your blog by no accident I am sure. My daughter had Kawasaki diease in 2007. I am praying for Hayley.
    Many blessings