Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Surgery over!

Hayley did well with her lung biopsy. She was very nervous going in. The nurses and doctors were so nice to her (very impressed w/Primary Children's). They even let "Jackson" go with her....probably until she fell asleep only. She's on oxygen, but got to eat and played Bingo via t.v. in the Children's Room before surgery.

They told Kim, Hayley's in the "less than 1 percent" of the population to have had Kawasaki and HSP Syndrome. They are noticing they can almost track perfectly what her pain level is because of her oxygen level. They can tell she's in pain because her oxygen level goes down and when she's given pain meds, her level goes up a little. They will have her results in a couple of days. Hopefully, she can come home tomorrow. They need her off oxygen aid first. The predisone has puffed her face up and her color is off, but she still has a good attitude.

She even did her Spanish homework before being wheeled out...that's dedication!


  1. Poor girl! I just hope she starts to feel better soon. Girls her age aren't supposed to be living in the hospital. They are supposed to be out with their friends and kissing boys or something. It just breaks my heart to hear about her, but I am glad she is being so positive through it all. Give her our love!

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  3. Little nervous about changing...last time I changed my background, I lost my entire blog! But thank you :)

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