Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pink is the color...

Dave and Audra found out this morning that PINK is the color that will be in abundance in February! They will be having their third little girl and little brother will be loving life when he gets older...sisters will be bringing over their girlfriends!

We're all excited to see this new little one. Welcome to the family little sweetheart!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Newest Diagnosis...

Kim got a call from pediatrician tonight. Newest blood work came back with jaundice, Epstein Bar, and Mono on top of the HSP Syndrome. AND there are still results not back yet. Jaundice explains color...Mono and Epstein explain tiredness...blood counts are all over the place. I hope they're not just guessing. This little girl needs to get better.

More Blood Tests...Must Be a Halloween Thing!

Well, Hayley tried school this week. First day, she went to two classes and was exhausted, but loved seeing everybody and feeling normal. She tried the next day and then yesterday went ALL day (she did call home saying she hurt but wanted to try). She came over after her classes Tuesday and left w/Grandpa's teriyaki chicken on a stick and a pumpkin from the garden. We call her "Chipmunk" because of her predisone.

This morning she did her bi-weekly visit to the doctor to find out Monday's results. They don't like her color (kinda gray...I saw her...it's definitely not normal) and her oxygen is lower than they would like. Her other levels are higher than they would like. The doctor said it looks like she might have Mono on top of everything else!

The doctor said she didn't want to draw more blood, but they are running CBC and more tests and checking her liver again. She doesn't know what else to do about her stomach pain and is frustrated. She also said no more ALL day school. She is extending her "you are out of school" until the end of October. Then she can try again. What a year she is going to have....like the doctors told her...she is an over-achiever!