Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh My Gosh...It's December!

Wow...Sad when you're sooooo busy that you forget you have a blog! I literally couldn't remember the name of my blog.....that's how long it's been.

We're in a reprieve w/our granddaughter who has been so sick. She's actually off her predisone and her other medicine has been cut in half and she is feeling so much better. She still has a lot of pills she will be taking from now on and still has dr. visits which will be ongoing, but she (right now) seems so much better.

You don't realize how lucky you are until you have something happen that can change everything you know and love. It was so hard watching her go through what she had too and not be able to help her. Her team of specialists have been so good to her and even featured her at a World Medical Convention in Canada to try and find answers for her. She has continued appointments and for the time being, is back in school and enjoying normal life again.

She made a special gift for her favorite cousin, Andrew, that she will give him at Christmas. She is so excited.

Life is short. Love your family members and never take anything for granted. You don't realize how quickly things can change and the heartache that accompanies it.

We have some of the kids coming for Christmas w/grandchildren. I'm so looking forward to it. Two of them won't be able to make it. I was hoping for a family picture with all my kids and little ones. Hopefully, it will happen while we're still around!

We have a new baby coming this February...YEA!! There is nothing more important than your family. This season brings memories of my children when they were little and is a time to create memories for their little ones. It's a special time of year that shouldn't be taken away because of bad circumstances.

Grandpa has placed the lights on the house, put up the garland and reindeer outside, is working on the bedroom downstairs (sheetrock is heavy!), and swimming every morning. However, he's getting tired and sore. Reflect on the past, learn from it, remember the good memories and look forward to the excitement of new things. (Wish my camera worked, I've got some cute pics).