Sunday, January 2, 2011

Surprise!!! All Six Children Showed Up!

Busy, Busy, Busy...Thanksgiving came and Rob and family joined us for the holidays. We had Kim and Kelli and their families join us. The cousins had a great time. We introduced Rob to Pirate Island and celebrated Kamryn's birthday. All the cousins REALLY enjoyed going there. Rob got to spend some of his vacation time helping dad finish his shed...

Christmas brought a surprise because I had ALL six children and their families make the trek to our home for a family picture! With them spread out all over the place, this doesn't happen very often. They came from Texas and California and we took our picture in a field w/snow and COLD weather. I was surprised how good the 21 grandchildren were during the shoot (probably too cold to move). We should be getting the pictures back this week. I'm excited about seeing them.

We also had our Boyack Christmas party the day after Christmas at Brian and Kellie's clubhouse. Everyone was there except Kristy, who showed up the following day. There was actually one day when all six kids were together. The little ones had sleepovers, played games, ran through the house, and then were "held hostage" in our home by the blizzard that hit our area for a couple of days. That's when Kristy and I hit THE PUZZLE. It wasn't until New Year's Eve that it got finished (she wasn't going home until it was done!).

The storm hit hard. Kelli had to go to work that night and was on her way to work when she was rear-ended while talking to her boss. He told her to go home, but she only made it to the market parking lot. Her brother had to come rescue her. On the way home, he saw the cars that were stuck in the road and couldn't handle it. He got out, started directing traffic and pushed 3 cars out of the way.

Dave and family left the day before and missed all the fun weather. The other two left after the storm and had a pretty good drive home to California. Weather has been cold but sunny. Dave spent two of his days putting in hardwood floor downstairs in the new bedroom with his dad...good vacation, huh Dave!

Although the weather didn't allow us to do anything "extra", Kristy and Kim got to take kids to the Conference Center and Temple Square before the blizzard hit. We did take Kristy's group to Pirate Island afterwards. I felt badly they had come all that way to stay in a house for days. The kids had fun playing with each other. We also "shared" cold germs......good times!

I love my family and am thinking....maybe the next "reunion" should be somewhere WARM.