Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wow...Am I Ever Behind!

Never thought I would be so busy that I couldn't blog! We now have 2 new grandchildren coming, making it 24! This coming Monday, Dec. 19, will be a new grandson and in June, our 24th. We are so excited!!!

I'm not even sure where to start to catch up. The grandchildren are growing up. We've been to dance recitals, choir productions, hockey games and plays. We got together for Christmas last year (all 36 of us) and this year, we'll be with two of the girls and their families. We met up with 3 of the girls for my niece's wedding during the summer and had so much fun playing at the beach and spending time with my brother and his family. I showed him pictures I recently got of our dad and his family when he was a little boy. This sweet lady found me and gave me these pictures. I had never seen any pictures of dad and was so grateful for this sweet unselfish lady. Family means everything to me.

Our granddaughter, Hayley, has had a pretty good year. Once in awhile she gets a flare-up...but it's been a great year. She was involved in dance this year.

We're having an RV garage built (what a lot of dirt!!!). I wonder if I'll ever get grass in the backyard????

I ran into my girlfriend from elementary school at a premier showing of "Twilight". We couldn't believe it! We'll meet up again for the June showing...hehehe.

Chuck isn't slowing down, but his body is trying to tell him too! He helps at his friend's house all the time and comes home exhausted. We're hoping to do a lot of traveling this winter to see the kids and grandkids. I'm trying to keep up with my genealogy searching...I love it!

Hope all is well with all who reads this. Love, Mom


  1. Hi Deb, love and miss you, too..I loved when we lived closeby..oh well..

    We will try to get over to see little Hunter when we are up North and take pics if I am able to for you..

    love you!

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  4. Debbie I can still post on your blog so see if you ca do a short oat.. Maybe it's north gone after all!

    I meant post not oat lol

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