Thursday, August 23, 2012

Better than Facebook...

I tried Facebook and eventhough it has its positive moments...I found I'm more of a blogger. It's like writing in a journal and telling a story. Facebook is ... "just had a bowl of cereal"... really??? Pictures are all over the place, but will show some of the activities this summer. We have a new grandson, Bronson, born July 5, 2012 and a new little girl coming this December/January. That gives us 17 girls and 8 lucky we are! We discovered a fun place to take the kids, "Planet Play"...great food and activities for them to do and CLEAN. The grandkids are all starting school. It's been a crazy year. Kids have been layed off of jobs they've had for years, promises of pay increases never happened, some have bought houses or are looking for a house, new job for a daughter and we got to see ALL the grandkids this year (a lot of traveling, but we did it). We are currently putting in grass (10,000 sq. feet) in the backyard. It looks soooo nice. I'm so tired of looking at dirt! We also got a 16' round pool to cool off in and Chuck liked it so much, he wants to get a bigger one for next year. Hmmmm...which of the kids is going to inherit the "old" pool? We're busy with RVing with the "Good Sam's Club", church mission at the Bishop's Storehouse, the yard, enjoying family and living life. I'm very thankful we are healthy and able to do these things. Chuck tore a hamstring and was miserable off and on for a month. It gave me a glimpse of how unhappy he would be if something were to happen! I'm still enjoying genealogy and indexing. I helped complete the 1940 census and thoroughly enjoyed it. Because of that process, I found my dad as a child with his stepdad that I met once, Daddy Baker. When I pulled it up, I found his real name (only knew him as Daddy Baker). I was so excited! I could do genealogy ALL DAY! My washing machine is calling me, so I'll sign off for now. Excited to be back!


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